Our Vision

Our number one goal is to bring the message of salvation to the people of Payatas.We believe that without Jesus, there is no hope and Payatas is a place that needs hope.There are so many false religions that lead the flock astray and keep them in bondage to poverty and fear.

Our Purpose

The Purpose of P.M.O. is to effect a drastic change to one of the poorest areas of the Philippines.  Payatas is a place of the infamous garbage dump site where hundreds or more were killed back in 2000. Many scavengers of the dump site built their shanties at the base of the eight story tall mountain of garbage. When the rainy season came it washed much of that mountain down on top of the shacks killing many, many people.

Philippine Missions – The Beginning

It started as a vision back in 1999 and after much prayer, it is coming to pass.

We have been helping the Philippine people of Payatas since 2006.

The Philippine children of Payatas are especially dear to us. They have such positive attitudes and anything you do for them makes them happy. They have little or nothing in their lives and appreciate everything. What a lesson we learn from them.

Even little Andrei, although missing a hand, does not consider it a hindrance to him. How rewarding it is to watch him color or read his Bible with the other children. He is an inspiration to all of us.

Our Mission in Payatas is the area of the infamous garbage dump where hundreds or more lost their lives when the mountain of garbage washed down on they who lived at it’s base. This is a place where children as young as five years old, search through the garbage for recyclables to sell to keep their families eating. It is a place that many do not get education, medical care even basic daily necessities.

We have been working with the Philippine people to bring them the Gospel the way that Jesus did. We believe that to be able to present the Gospel, we also have to help them in their need as Jesus taught. So we have had feeding programs, medical missions, toy distribution, films, entertainment, camps, v.b.s., our own medical clinic and much more.

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