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The Call

It was 1999 and I was riding in a taxi in Manila. A beautiful little girl no more than seven years old came to the car to beg for money. I looked up and there were children all over begging. This has been a sign that has been burned into my heart that I may go to the Philippines and help the people there.

Now if it had been my own thought, it wouldn’t have continued to pull at my heart strings for seven years.

God has given my wife and I a vision spreading the gospel and helping others to become self-sufficient. We want to start a church and train others to do the same thereby multiplying our efforts all over the region. We also want to help the poor by having the church members become self sufficient. Eventually, we would like to start a Christian school, God willing.

We just love our Lord and want to share Him with others and serve Him forever.

Here is a quote from 2005:

“We plan to raise approximately $15,000 to pay for our airfare and moving expenses (we only have cartons; we have already disposed of the furniture). The remainder of the funds will allow us to operate the church and keep us in food for the year.”

Our expenses were met in a miraculous way. (Someone donated the funds after seeing our website)

We had a house donated to us in Montalban for as long as we need it. Praise God!

We have moved into a small building three months after arriving and have over filled it. Please pray as we can not grow without larger quarters.

Quote from 2005

We will begin by having church services in the home or a rented facility. At the same time we will be seeking to purchase a piece of property in a central area of Payatas. We will then erect a tent where we can hold church.”

We found a piece of property but lack the $37,000 to buy it. Please pray!

Within time, and as God provides, we will begin to build a formal church building.

The most important fact is that we will be building the actual church (The “Ecclesia” or called out ones) every day.

As we grow, we will also be equipping those called to be Pastors, so that they may start other churches.

We will look for continuing support as God will lead those to contribute and we pray to be self supportive in three years God allowing.

Your donation should be whatever God leads you to give as this will only work as He provides.

Even if you have very little money to spare, don’t neglect to be part of this if God has laid it on your heart. $1.25 a week from enough people will easily support us over there.

Our budget, including raising money for projects should be about $2,000 USD per month. (After three years we still have not reached that goal but God has provided for our needs.)

As mentioned, we have a house already provided; that we will only have to pay the taxes and basic services so our personal overhead will be very low.

Thank the Lord, we are still there.

If you need additional information you may send me an email.

I will be glad to provide references and information at your request.

Would you like to know more about Payatas? Just type “Payatas dump site” into any search engine!

*Pastor Jack Wilson’s true and legal name is John J. Wilson.