The Purpose of PMO

The Purpose of P.M.O. is to effect a drastic change to one of the poorest areas of the Philippines.
Payatas is a place of the infamous garbage dump site where hundreds or more were killed back in 2000. Many scavengers of the dump site built their shanties at the base of the eight story tall mountain of garbage. When the rainy season came it washed much of that mountain down on top of the shacks killing many, many people.

Here in Payatas many make their living at the dump site. It is about the equivalent to $2-$4 u.s.d. per day. It is barely enough to feed their families. For those who are too sick to work, they don’t eat.

Little children as high as your knee roam about with their hand outstretched, begging for money while other children work the site or the streets in Payatas for recyclables.

The change we are striving for is to see these people working in cleaner fields doing a different type of job. We want to see everyone eating three meals a day and living in houses that they need not check the covers for rats before retiring.

We also want to see every child have the opportunity for a good education giving them a foundation for a successful future.

Everyone should have affordable health care. Can you imagine losing a loved one because you had no money for medicine or health care? My wife lost her father and her older sister some years ago because of that same reason.

Our purpose is to see this place completely turn around as we know it can.

We covet your prayers. Without the prayers of the saints going up, the vision will fail.

We ask for your continued support. Missions are commanded by God; you can either GO or GIVE. Your continued support is appreciated.

You decide. Will you be part of this mission work?

Will you help make this project work and help save souls by bringing them the Gospel of Salvation? No one will know until that day when we meet Jesus, just how many people heard the Word of God because of us. Or how many people did not hear.

Finally, if you have decided to commit to the Payatas Mission Outreach then we would ask you to pray for the people of Payatas that they may hear the Word, be saved, discipled and tell others…