Why Give for the Cause of Payatas?

(Through Payatas Mission Outreach, Inc.)

There are many, many ways and places in which you can donate your money but the very main reason for giving is that the Holy Spirit has touched your heart and led you to support this ministry. Click on UPDATES and just spend some time reading about our work here in Payatas. If you are not led to give, then please, find another ministry to bless, but bless someone.


Most mission projects are focused on bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have not heard. Ours is not different in that respect. Where we are different from many other organizations, is that we have approached evangelism in the same way our Lord had when He walked the earth.

No one should ever preach the word of God to someone who is starving and walk away without giving them food and so our procedure is to reach the people in the midst of their need and to show them that we actually do love them. We have a desire to see them become restored whole individual beings whose desire is to serve the Lord.

So, we have had feeding programs and Jesus films and clothing distributions. We have given the children toys at Christmas and have organized multiple medical missions’ events.

P.M.O. Has a heart for hurting souls

We have special programs in which we feed, play games and give gifts (which all are donated by various corporations) to hundreds of children in Payatas and most importantly, each one hears the Gospel and receives the written word to bring home in their hand.

Our goal is to present the Gospel to the 212,000 people who live in Payatas. God says he wishes that none would perish and likewise, we are seeking all to be saved.

P.M.O. is a Documented Ministry

As you can see by thousands of photographs. photos which document the progress here in such an incredibly short time, God is doing a work here that is so simple, yet so amazing that no man could possibly take credit for it.

P.M.O. has Long Range Goals

Our long range goals (hopefully not too long) are to create the Payatas Baptist Compound VISION and to import many missionaries to teach in our school, to minister in our medical clinics and to witness throughout the land. It is not about individuals but a complete organization dedicated to the salvation of thousands in Payatas.

God will bless us as we seek to do His will. He uses people to do that. Will you be one of those people? Will you become part of the blessing which is seeking to reach the unsaved in Payatas? Will you be part of an effort that you can watch grow and see God working before your eyes?

P.M.O. needs Loving, Praying and Giving, Partners

P.M.O. has a Vision for Real Change

I believe we will see Payatas transform from a place of poverty and despair to a place of hope and happiness. It can go from poverty to prosperity and from sadness to salvation. Please click the donate link and perhaps become a partner with us. For as little as $5 per month or $1.25 per week, you can be part of the Payatas dream. We only focus on Payatas which is the poorest of the poor. Come help and be part of the transformation.